March workshop Update

Thanks to the people that came to our workshop to educate themselves on basic healthly ideas to improve their lives. simple changes that are easy to do but will add up to a much

healthy foood

healthy food

healthier you, stuff like swapping iodised salt which is a poison in your body to Sea salt

or himalayan salt, some say it is expensive but I say what cost your health, money cannot buy back your health,a dying man/woman on their deathbed never worries about how much money isin the bank but where his family and friends are and how are they.

Unfortunately we take our health for granted but until you lose a portion of it yo dont realise

how precious it really is. I,m not saying be a health freak but there are so many little changes you can make that will make a difference.

So go ahead make some changes and take charge of your health and dont be a passive bystander.

Neil HIlls

thankds to toa55 for photo.

March healthy living workshop

We are glad to be organising the March healthy living workshop .

we have a guest speaker Mr ANdy Snelling from Elimbah who is s specialist in the

fresh vegetable juicing area. He has a proper masticating type juicer that squeezes the juice out rather than centrifugal force which destroys most of the vitamins and minerals

Healthy living workshops

Fresh salad Mix

which you are trying to extract, Andy has much knowledge which he is keen to share

and help other people benefit from thi sunderlooked health secret.

Also we will be talking about Nutrition,exercise back pain and much more.

Also we are doing the free tastings of Gochi Juice JUle, and the now famous Taislim thanks to Shane Warne saying how wonderful it was for him

Feb 2012 Healthy Living Workshop

Luuga and I held our first HEalthy Living workshop here in Caboolture for 2012.

Here this wet saturday afternoon we shared about the 5 point sto a healthy life.

We happily can say the afternoon was asuccess because a few people went home with more knowledge and good solid tips how to simply live a healthier life by making simple changes to what they do at home.

Tips like changing your tea choice to green or black tea to get 5 times the antioxidant power and not using cows milk in tea (or at all for that matter)

tips like using natural olive oil soap with no chemicals or harmful additives

our Friend Liz makes it herself

Visit her at

Tips like drinking filtered water and drinking about 2 litres per day for average adult.

More in hot climate or working outdoors because pure clean water transports the waste  products of your cells out of your body

  1. Nutrition

firstly the importance of good nutrition , a hot topic lately but really only given lip service by so called health companies to sell more product. I.e why would a health co. put cancer causing ingredients in their products, look closely at labels to determine what actuallyyour putting into your bodies.

2. Exercise.

YOu really don,t have to do too much here, the trick is just do something at least three times a week. i.e brisk walk, park car further away so you have to walk more. take stairs instead of elevator. bike ride.

3. No smoking

tough one I know to give up, but this particular habit affects so many areas of your life.get professional help.

4. Alcohol.

All things in moderation and pick your choice with care, some beverages are best left alone, other things like red wine are beneficial in small amounts

5. Stress Management.

Plenty of studies about this nasty 21st century menace.

slow down , smell the roses, start looking at your priorites in life, get the perspective of an older person.