Potato Poultice cure


My nine year old son had an abscess on his leg and because of a very painful experience in the hospital he didnt want to go back and I did’nt want to take him in,so I chose to search for a natural remedy. I came across this one in Margaret E Wright”s book of Practical Home Healing! On page 99 she writes” Use potato poultices externally for strains,bruises,infections,boils,abscesses,rheumatic and arthritic inflammations and sores.” So I happily prepared the poultice and applied it to his infected leg! He slept with it on over night and the next morning we removed it to change the dressing. Imagine my surprise when we removed the poultice and found that it had burst the sore and drained the poison out!! Completely!! So we washed the affected area with warm salty water and covered it with an anion dressing! In a matter of a few days it healed up very quickly! I am so grateful!!


1. Take a raw potato and grate it finely to produce a soft,pliable, mush.

2.Spread this onto a clean cloth and apply it to the affected area.

3.Cover over it with gladwrap.

4.Cover gladwrap with a cloth bandage.

5.Leave overnight and remove in the morning.

6.Cleanse affected area with warm salty water.

7.Cover with a clean dressing.

8.Continue salty washes twice a day until completely healed over!

PLease consult your health professional if not sure about this great healing recipe:)